4 Ways to Wash Rasfur Carpets, Looks Clean and Comfortable Again

How to Wash Rasfur Carpet by Grades: Rasfur carpet is currently popularly used by most people. Especially for designing the interior in every room. We often use rasfur carpets for various activities at home, of course, you must know how to care for and how to wash the rasfur carpet.

Basically, this rasfur rug not only promises us comfort, but also gives a more attractive, unique, and modern impression in your residence.

However, to get it, it also requires a commensurate effort, namely extra care to clean it. Especially if the carpet is made of sensitive materials.

4 Ways to Wash Rasfur Carpets, Looks Clean and Comfortable Again

Rasfur rugs, rugs, and fluffy rugs are basically different types of carpet from other types of carpet. This carpet will require a variety of special care.

This is because it is more sensitive and susceptible to dust. In fact, this rasfur carpet also has a very high absorption capacity.

This makes it an easy carpet to absorb liquids, dirt, and the like. Therefore, the Rasfur carpet needs to be washed within a certain period of time.

Generally, cleaning rasfur carpets does take a little longer. However, how to wash this rasfur carpet is easy to do. Here’s how to wash Rasfur carpet and its care.

Using a Mixture of Detergent, Vinegar and Water

How to wash fur rugs that we can do is to use a mixture of detergent, vinegar, and water. These ingredients are ingredients that you can make yourself to clean the carpet from stains.

Not only that, this mixture is also very effective for removing stubborn stains on your carpet. How to clean this one rasfur carpet is actually very easy to do.

Pour in the cleaning liquid and then scrub gently using a soft-textured brush. Or you can just use your hands until the stain disappears.

How to wash rasfur carpet using this mixture can also get rid of bright stains. It is important to always remember, use warm water to mix the three ingredients.

Using Steam Cleaner

The next way to wash the rasfur carpet is to use a steam cleaner. This one method may be somewhat more expensive.

Because, you have to rent from an electronic equipment rental place. However, this method is guaranteed to be effective for removing various kinds of stains.

Using the Manual Method

Basically, how to wash this rasfur fur rug can also be done manually. This method may be somewhat less practical to do.

However, of course it will not be a problem if you want to fill your spare time. The results will be the same maximum if done with the right steps.

How to wash the carpet for the first step is to fill the tub with four parts cold water and another part for detergent. Avoid using fabric softener.

The detergent used must also be considered, namely free of fragrance, free of bleach, and non-bio. So it doesn’t damage your carpet.

The next way to clean the carpet is by soaking it. Then rub gently in the detergent solution for 20 to 30 minutes.

After that, squeeze out all the foam and rinse with cold water. Dry the carpet in a shady place exposed to air.

Avoid drying in a place exposed to direct sunlight. This is so that the color of your carpet does not fade.

Using the Washing Machine

The next way to wash the carpet is using a washing machine. Compared to the previous method, how to wash the Rasfur fur rug with a washing machine is somewhat more practical to do.

The first step, spread the carpet on the floor. Before washing, it’s a good idea to clean it first by sucking or removing the dust using a vacuum cleaner machine.

After that, put the carpet in the washing machine. Do the washing process as usual by using the same type of chemical as washing clothes with light colors. If you want to add a special softener or carpet softener, give just enough.

The next step is to shorten the final squeezing time or final extract. Remove the rug from the washing machine.

Dry in a fairly shady place and not in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. This is done to prevent the carpet from becoming rough.

However, also make sure to get enough air circulation so that the carpet does not smell musty. How to wash Rasfur fur rugs with a washing machine doesn’t just stop there.

When the carpet is dry, sprinkle with baking soda to remove odors and also absorb moisture. Leave it for a while and then clean the baking soda using a vacuum cleaner until it’s clean.

To make it more fragrant, you can spray a special perfume for rasfur carpets. How to wash the rasfur carpet is finished, you can use it more comfortably.