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Within a few days of the presidential commission investigation, those rumors began to transform into probable cause. nautical miles of ocean seafloor had been mapped by aspect scan sonar and 711 contacts had been investigated.

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Analysis of knowledge instructed that the planet was primarily made of liquid hydrogen. The pictures of Saturn’s moon Titan showed a featureless orange fuzzy satellite. A transient burst of information on Titan indicated that the average world temperature of Titan was minus 315 degrees Fahrenheit . During the encounter, the spacecraft took 440 pictures of the planetary system, with about 20 at a decision of about 56 miles . Pioneer eleven repeatedly crossed Jupiter’s bow shock, indicating that the Jovian magnetosphere adjustments its boundaries as it is buffeted by the photo voltaic wind.

Pioneer 11, the sister spacecraft to Pioneer 10, was the primary human-made object to fly past Saturn and also returned the first pictures of the polar areas of Jupiter. Pioneer eleven is one of five spacecraft on a trajectory that will take them out of our photo voltaic system. “The Challenger Disaster” aired on the Discovery and Science channels and introduced in almost 5 million viewers. Retired NASA manager Jud Lovingood filed a $14 million defamation swimsuit in opposition to Discovery communications in February 2014 for Sean Michael’s portrayal of him.

Besides the various pictures of the planet , Pioneer eleven took about 200 photographs of the moons of Jupiter. The vehicle then used Jupiter’s huge gravitational field to swing again throughout the photo voltaic system to set it on a course to Saturn. After increase by the TE-M engine, the spacecraft sped away from Earth at a velocity of about 32,000 miles per hour , thus equaling the pace of its predecessor, Pioneer 10.