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Hayden was charged with a gross misdemeanor for his crime, which got here with a jail sentence of 1 year, which was suspended in lieu of the 14 days he had already served. However, Hayden was put on probation for three years, and was ordered to pay over $47,000 in restitution to his victims. Additionally, Hayden was ordered to reimburse the Contractors Board the costs associated with investigating his crime. In addition to these penalties for contracting with no license in Florida include being ordered to pay restitution to the alleged sufferer. Restitution is compensation for a job done poorly, or with defective materials, that finally caused the sufferer to undergo damages. In some cases, restitution awards may be tens of thousands of dollars. While the necessities for obtaining a license differ by state, so too do the penalties for contracting with no license.

Some basic contractors can also full a two-year associate’s degree or a bachelor’s diploma. As the person in charge, a general contractor can be answerable for overseeing the standard of the work being done by the various subcontractors.

general contractor

Whether it’s the building you reside in, the grocery retailer you visit weekly, or your work workplace, odds are that a basic contractor had a hand in placing all of those structures up. Math skills are used to help develop blueprints, in addition to create budgets.

Ultimately, a basic contractor’s day-to-day work is completely different depending on the project. However, a common contractor can nonetheless anticipate to cope … Read More