The Easiest Way to Overcome Leaking Tiles During the Rainy Season

When the rainy season comes, leaking tiles are indeed one of the main enemies that must be defeated. Yes, how not? If we don’t deal with the leaking tiles, the comfort of the family at home will be disturbed.

As we all know, tile is a very important part of our homes. And if the tile on the roof of our house leaks or slides, then rainwater and other foreign objects will easily enter our house.

In addition, this problem can also damage the furniture in the house. Meanwhile, in the long term it will also damage our house buildings and if we don’t immediately deal with leaking tiles, the leaking point on the roof of our house can expand.

Then what causes our house tiles to leak? and how to deal with leaky tiles? For more details, let’s see the review below.

How to Overcome Leaking Tile

Before we deal with leaking tile on the roof of our house, of course we must first find out the cause of the leaking tile. Is the tile really leaking due to cracks in the tile or the tile on the roof of our house is just sliding.

This must be done so that we can handle it properly and the tiles in our homes do not leak again when it rains. Well, no need to linger, here are some of the causes of our house tiles leaking.

Causes of Leaking Tile

    Data leaking tiles are caused by improper or messy tile positions. Well, if this is the cause, you just need to tidy up the location of the tile to the position of the precision tile so that the tile no longer leaks.

    It’s different if there are parts of the tile that are damaged or broken. Immediately replace the tile with a new one, but the tile must have the same size and shape. But if you have trouble finding tiles of the same size, you can use waterproofing material plus gauze. Cut the gauze on the tile plane according to the size and then smear it with a waterproof solution.

Now, when the mortar is under the cracked roof, you must immediately patch the cracked part using aquaproof so it doesn’t leak again.

Furthermore, the curved roof construction or is not strong enough to withstand the load of the roof is also the cause of leaking tiles. So to overcome this, you should replace the roof construction with mild steel.

Next, rusted or perforated zinc gutters can also cause the tile to leak. And we can replace it with zinc alum which is more rust-resistant to deal with leaking roof tiles.

Meanwhile, if the gutter is not cracked concrete, we can patch it using waterproofing material.

How to Overcome Leaking Tile

After we know the cause of the leaking tile, now we just have to deal with it in the following ways. Now for more details, here is how to deal with leaky tiles quickly and easily.

1. Patching the Leaking Tile

The first way to deal with leaky tiles is to patch the tiles. This step is done if it turns out that your tile is leaking because there is a cracked part. And you can patch the tile by using aquproof. However, the type of tile that can be patched with aquaproof should be the type of concrete tile.

2. Replace the leaking tile with a new tile

Well, the next way to deal with leaking tiles is to replace the tile with a new one. However, it seems that it is not easy to find a replacement for tiles that are exactly the same size, especially since the tiles have not been replaced for a long time. So to overcome this kind of thing you can use other alternative materials.

3. Renovation of the Roof of the House

If it turns out that the leaking tile leaks easily and no other alternative can be done, then you can replace the roof of your house. Well, one of the causes of leaky roof tiles is improper roof construction. Tiles that hold the roof too heavy can bend and break or crack easily.

4. Replacing the type of tile with another made of tile

Now this is the last step to deal with leaking tiles in your home. Namely by replacing the type of tile with a tile made from another. Changes in climate and weather sometimes make roof tiles not last long. And the only way to overcome this is to replace the type of tile with another made of tile.

Those are some of the easiest and fastest ways to deal with leaking tiles. By preventing your house tiles from leaking, of course the comfort of being in the house will be more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about your roof leaking when the rainy season comes.