Tips for having a car garage for a small house

The higher house prices make it difficult for many people to own a house. So that housing with a small type of house is a solution for those who want to have a house at an affordable price. Small type houses have minimal facilities, usually only have one bathroom and one bedroom. Sometimes it doesn’t even have space for a car garage. It could be a small house has a garage. But of course you have to sacrifice some of the land area to be used as a small home car garage. The standard size of a car garage for a small car is 2.4 x 4.8 square meters. Of course, this takes up quite a lot of land in a small house.

A car garage is a place that must be owned by everyone who has a car, especially if you live in a densely populated village. Often some people choose to put their car in front of the house and eat the shoulder of the road. Maybe according to him it is not a problem, even though it bothers many people who use the public road.

As a form of responsibility to have a car is to have a garage. Garage can actually be made if there is an intention. You don’t need a large size, a garage can be made based on the size of the car you have. Not infrequently there are houses that have a narrow land area, but can still have a garage for their car. How to? Here are some tips for having a car garage for a small house.

Open Car Garage

Small houses don’t have much free space. But the front of the house will usually be given a distance from the road as a terrace. You can use this free space for a small home car garage. If it turns out that the land area is too close to the road, you can leave the car garage open without a fence.

Garage Connecting with Terrace

The easiest way to make a small home car garage is to connect the garage with the front porch of the house. If the car is being used outside, it can be used for the terrace. However, if you have come home from work and the car has to enter, the terrace functions as a car garage.

Friends, you don’t need to match the size of the terrace with a car, give some space to put pots or chairs and tables to just receive guests. That way it will give a comfortable impression when viewed.

Houses Designed Without Fences

One of the reasons the house land has been consumed by several square meters is because of the fence. If you live in secure housing such as a cluster, then a small house can be designed without a fence without having to be afraid of theft. Actually, even in the village, there is no problem without a fence, if the village is very conducive and theft is rare.

Without this fence, you can increase the space for the car garage. Of course it takes land in front of the door for a car garage. However, if there is no fence, relatively less land is consumed.

Take advantage of the existing free space

Each house has a different land area and shape. Sometimes there are houses whose land is in the shape of the letter L. Well, if you have a small house with an L-shaped land, you can use the empty space on one side of the L for the garage.

In addition to the garage, you can use the empty space to plant some plants that don’t take up land. By providing space for plants, the eyes will be more pleasant to see the green leaves.

Those are some tips for being able to have a small home car garage. You can try it and choose which one is suitable for the small house case that you have.