Tips for Making a Basement at Home

Due to the limited land available, designing a basement like this could be a solution. However, to build it, can not be arbitrary. Although many underestimate its function, the dungeon actually has advantages that are not shared by other rooms in general. By building a basement, the temperature in the room will tend to be more stable, it will not get hotter with Indonesian weather during the dry season. The following are some tips for making a basement at home:


Height Limit Parallel to the Ground Road

The height limit of the dungeon cannot be determined haphazardly. Basically, you have to make the height of the dungeon level with the ground of the road so that the foundation is stronger. Even if you want a room that has a higher ceiling, what you can do is dig deeper into the ground.

Material Must Be More Sturdy

Sheet pile is touted as the most suitable material for basements. You see, the material from steel with a thickness of more than 15 centimeters is guaranteed to be sturdy. The foundation of the house for the basement should indeed be made of a material that is sturdier than the material used to build the floor above it. This is because the location of the basement must be suppressed by the main house building materials at the top.

Air Circulation Must Be Adequate

You must make a vent in the dungeon. If you can, add a window to facilitate air circulation in the room. However, if it is not possible to make windows in the basement, you can think of other ways to maintain adequate oxygen levels in the basement. Otherwise, get ready to feel stuffy in the area. One alternative to improve air circulation in the basement is to install an exhaust fan so that outside air can still enter the basement.

Use Water Resistant Paint

Aside from oxygen problems, another common problem that basements face is excessive humidity. For that, you need to be more careful in choosing wall paint. It is highly recommended to use water-repellent paint. In addition, avoid using wallpaper because this one wallcovering will quickly be damaged once the rain arrives and seeps into the basement wall area.

Think Extra Lighting

You might make the basement as an area to complete the main rooms that are not enough at the top of the house. Not infrequently there is a basement that functions as a bedroom or workspace. Therefore, think about extra lighting. You may need a lamp with a higher power to maximize lighting in the basement. Not just roof lamps or pendant lights, you may also need additional table lamps for certain areas. Especially if you make it a bedroom or workspace.